[May] We Go Back…

This week I’ve gotten a chance to edit some pictures from this spring and early summer, so I’ll be sharing some of those tonight.  I don’t even remember what happened in May besides for these two weeks except for finishing school.  It’s crazy how memories can just leave you and it’s the times you’ve documented in pictures or words that you really remember.

14 May-0029-2_WEB

In May I had done a two week fast/cleanse.  We expected that I would be very weak, so we hired a mother’s helper.  Lucinda had been here twice before–once on a missions trip during her senior year, and once two years ago when she and another friend came for a week to study photography.

14 May-0037-2_WEB

Lucinda has such a sweet, servant heart and she brings so much CHEER, too.  She worked so hard while she was here–thoroughly cleaned our house, played with the boys, cooked lots of food for our family to eat and to freeze for later, and took care of all of us.  We loved having her with us.

14 May-0060 - Copy_WEB

One evening she and I spent an evening out and included some time for street photography.

14 May-0069 - Copy_WEB 14 May-0076 - Copy_WEB 14 May-0099 - Copy_WEB 14 May-0129_WEB 14 May-0135_WEB

I enjoyed chatting with this man for awhile.  He gave me his email address, and I sent him these images. I’ve seen him playing since and hope to connect with him again sometime.

14 May-0139_WEB 14 May-0160_WEB

14 May-0162_WEB

One of the last nights she was here we took the train into Midtown for the jazz festival.  It was a nice leisurely, evening excursion.  I was finished with the fast at that point, but so weak that I was walking super, super, super slowly.  Lucinda would run ahead and chase the boys as we walked through the park toward the festival.  Paxton tagged along trying his best to keep up with them and Steve and I strolled along previewing what it must feel like to be old and still in love. :)

14 May-0165_WEB

We sat surrounded by hundreds of people and listened to the music as the sun slowly sank below the horizon.  I could go to events like that just for the fun of people watching, but it’s also fun to soak in a bit of culture and have a big open space where the boys can run.

14 May-0169-2_WEB 14 May-0197 - Copy_WEB 14 May-0211_WEB 14 May-0215_WEB 14 May-0229_WEB 14 May-0241 - Copy_WEB 14 May-0251 - Copy_WEB 14 May-0253-2 - Copy - Copy_WEB 14 May-0253-2_WEB 14 May-0269-2 - Copy_WEB

14 May-0281_WEB

Lucinda took the picture of the three boys.^ I love it.

14 May-0287_WEB 14 May-0308_WEB

Steve is so strong for me and I love how this picture depicts how protected and safe I feel with him.



14 May-0412-2_WEB

As we walked back to the train station we passed a man sitting alone playing his own jazz.  (literally. :)) The festival was fun, but this scene seemed to fit the tunes.  I call this The Lone Jazz Player.

14 May-0437_WEB 14 May-0443_WEB 14 May-0445-2 - Copy_WEB 14 May-0694_WEB


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  1. I love these pictures! And I’m so glad you posted them even in the fall. :) I always marvel at your super sharp photography – the colors are stunning, the focus is so clear, and they are just so grabbing!

    The pictures of your family at the end… If you wouldn’t have mentioned you were feeling weak, I would never have guessed. You’re not even a bit tired or weary looking, but so radiant and beautiful! xo

  2. . Yes, Lucinda is a gem! So glad she could ease your load for two weeks!
    Great pun ;) Took me a little to catch it though.

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