A Warm Breakfast for Autumn

Mornings are telling us that fall is here for real. At our house this looks like slippers on feet and jackets at the breakfast table and faces less ready to smile.

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A warm breakfast in the belly brings its own kind of comfort and sounds like the kind of thing that would be comforting on cool fall mornings. In reality the boys are disappointed that they aren’t eating cereal and frown a little more.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day they say. Breakfast also happens to be that meal we get to before we’ve quite woken up. I’m trying really hard to get our days off to a healthy start and to cook things the boys enjoy.  They don’t all love oatmeal (and honestly I don’t either). It works for all of our diets, though, and foods like that are rare and worth keeping.

I tried to jazz up oatmeal a little and came up with this combination. It’s a nice fall breakfast: Oatmeal (instant) prepared, sprinkled with chia seeds,  and drizzled with maple syrup.

I convinced the boys to eat chia sees by

1) calling them sprinkles (worked for Ian and Paxton)

2) telling them that Aztec Indians used chia seeds to give them energy to run all day long. I convinced them that they would help them to grow stronger and have more endurance.  (worked for Zachary and Ian)

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I recently won a gift basket from Quaker Oats which included a huge box of maple flavored individual oatmeal packages.  The sugar content is too high for me to consider it a healthy breakfast, so I’ve mixed two packages with 1/2-1 c. of regular quick oats.

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Oatmeal topped with cinnamon, chia seeds, and maple syrup

My goals for food are:

Healthy, tasty, economical, easy, attractive

This dish pretty much covers them all.  It’s not super healthy with the oatmeal being instant (it will quickly turn to sugar in the body), but I’ll let it pass.

Toasted pecans, almonds, or coconut would be a delicious addition to this oatmeal.


7 thoughts on “A Warm Breakfast for Autumn”

  1. We like oats raw! Maybe they would like that?
    I get old fashion oats, we use a little brown sugar or honey, some chopped apple, nuts and seeds, some like peanut butter then add a little water or milk, some like a lot, others don’t like much liquid,it is really good! All 5 of us like it this way!! I thought my husband was crazy when he told me about this, but I can’t eat it cooked any more!!

  2. My kids love cereal too, but in the cold months my husband has them loving oatmeal! I haven’t started it yet this year, but I am loving your ideas, as well as Jo’s! I love the diverse ways to make oatmeal, because I’m not a plain-Jane oatmeal-loving girl. All the added ingredients make me even love it. :)

    1. Aw, that’s great that Ben helped convince the children that oatmeal is awesome. :) What flavors do you like mixing with oatmeal? Have you tried apples? I like the idea, but it takes the apples much longer to cook than the oatmeal.

  3. Good for you! Fun that you won a gift basket. I must start making the kids oatmeal for breakfast I must. I’ve been having it myself. I put half a cup of rolled oats in a cereal bowl and put enough milk and water in till it is level with the oatmeal. Microwave for a min. It gets kind of chewy in a good way. Add a pkg of stevia from Aldi and…. a few chocolate chips, coconut, and pecans. I smile and say to myself, “German Chocolate”.

    1. That sounds like a great combination, and I’m excited to try it. I love oatmeal when it’s chewy, but the mushiness of cooked oatmeal is what I don’t like. Zachary has already made oatmeal and it was chewy and good, but I didn’t know what made it different from mine. Now I’m guessing it’s just not adding as much liquid. Good to know!

      1. Jo, this morning I made my oatmeal with half as much water as usual and I LOVED it! Thanks so much. Also, I smiled as I was cooking it thinking of you saying to yourself, “German chocolate.” I feel a connection to you because that is just the kind of triumph I would feel over something as simple as a punked out oatmeal. :)-

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