End of Summer Fun

14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5606_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5611_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5634_WEB

There’s nothing like the end of summer to make you really enjoy a good swim.  When you’ve started back to school already, and the days aren’t blistering hot you know those swimming days will be over way too soon.

Michelle and her family came to see us in September, and as usual we packed the time full of fun–partially because there is always such a huge list of things we’d like to do together and partially because the boys will bounce off the walls if we don’t. =D

So there was lots of swimming–three times, at least–and roller blading and playing with Legos and a visit to IKEA, a picnic, an IMAX movie on sharks (the look of wonder on the boys’ faces was just priceless.  Ian sat with his hand over his open mouth for the first 10 minutes and Liam’s mouth was open at least half that long).

What else? Well, there was some downtime and shopping–oh, yeah, Michelle and I must’ve broken a record for time spent in one Goodwill.  Haha.  Our cart was loaded with treasures, and we nearly clothed her family for the winter.

14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5640_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5642_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5643_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5653_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5664_WEB

One evening we walked the Beltline and hung out at the skatepark for awhile.  The Beltline has become one of my favorite places in the city. It’s several mile long paved path that is perfect for being active along with other Atlantans.




14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5690_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5693_WEB  14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5696_WEB  14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5705_WEB14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5704_WEB  14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5702_WEB14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5708_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5716_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5720_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5722_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5725_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5728_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5732_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5738_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5749_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5759_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5768_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5779_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5800_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5801_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5807_WEB  14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5822_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5814_WEB14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5829_WEB 14August_atlanta_Csmucker_photography-5834_WEB


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  1. What beautiful times! It’s special that your boys have cousins so close in age – what fun they’ll always have together!

    You capture so much LIFE in your photos. I love that about you!

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