14 Sept-0153_WEBOne night Zac and I took a walk at sunset and were treated to such a pretty show.

Sometimes only one of the boys walks with me. They feel really special to have a little outing with mama all to themselves. They chatter and tell me their deep thoughts.

These pictures were taken in October, but I loved the golden sunset so much, I still wanted to post them.

14 Sept-0163_WEB

Walking up the street from our house toward the park:14 Sept-0136_WEB

At the top of the bridge we cross, we can see the skyline to the left. To the right we watch trains coming and going. MARTA runs every fifteen minutes and the freight trains go through several times a day.

14 Sept-0131_WEB

The sunset cast a golden glow on the city–absolutely beautiful!   14 Sept-0171_WEB

14 Sept-0181_WEB

We crossed the bridge and walked to the park. It was warm, but cool, so we just sat and looked at the sky. 14 Sept-0185_WEB  A few bats came out for the night (look closely and you can see tiny black dots close to the lights). Bats are Ian’s favorite animal, so now we’re excited whenever we spot them. 14 Sept-0192_WEB


6 thoughts on “Golden.”

  1. Lovely! I love the mixture of God’s beautiful handiwork and man’s handiwork. I remember watching bats as a child and being so amazed at them! Neat how even in the city there are little bits of nature to enjoy.

  2. I just admire how you embrace your life in the city. You don’t complain about your sacrifices and I believe you are giving your children a childhood they will cherish. Keep up the good work!

  3. So gorgeous! My favorite one is the city skyline with the train windows both reflecting golden light. So glad you posted again!

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