15 May-2692

We’ve been soaking up the last summer days. Ready (Ian) or not (Zac and I) we’re starting our school year the end of this week.

Here are several pieces of life around here–most of which have to do with going places or conversations that happened while driving– indicative of the types of days we’ve been having.

:: Last week the two older boys attended VBS at a small community church in a neighborhood adjacent to ours. The boys LOVED their time at VBS, and for me the quiet forenoons with Paxton were a gift from heaven.

15 June-4443

:: I registered the boys to participate in several developmental studies at Emory University. They contact us when the boys fit the demographic for a current study.  If the boys participate they get a small compensation after spending about 90 minutes of being evaluated while they play. Since then I’ve become particularly interested when I see articles reference, “In a study conducted by Emory University…”

This week we joined our first study.  They had requested Paxton and Ian, but only Ian met their criteria for participants. The study was looking at how children learn to recognize their surroundings and how they navigate their way around obstacles.  Ian had so much fun playing a guessing game and a video game. He was begging me to sign him up for more studies. As a bonus they gave a gift card big enough to buy a new Lego set.

15 May-3198

:: While we were driving, we noticed a man whose entire chin and jaw was bandaged. The boys were guessing what may have happened.

“Maybe a ball hit him.”

“Maybe he bumped his chin on a cupboard.”

I noticed his unsteady gait and a few details that made me guess something more like a fall due to lack of consciousness or maybe a fight.  But I like that they still voice such innocence when they live in a place where they see so much brokenness. I love that their perspective reminds me to look for the good.


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  1. I can feel the blessed quiet with you of children off to VBS. Especially so, I’m sure, since you homeschool.
    How intriguing, the university study.
    And I really love your last story. Your family sounds like a breath of gentleness and hope. I just read your last post and loved it.

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