Summer Roadtrip: Philadelphia

If you missed it~
Roadtrip Part 1: Virginia

After a relaxing day with family in Virginia, we were off on our big adventure. The boys were set with a new load of books from Grandpa and Grammie’s bookshelves.   Steve’s playlist kept us tapping our toes and singing along.

We traveled through several cities this day.  I was all, “Look! Boys! Do you see…”

They’d glance up from their books and nod disinterestedly. Skyscrapers are old hat to them now, I guess. Alrighty then.

A friend heard we were in Virginia and told us to stop by a local doughnut shop to buy doughnuts for our family on her tab. 4 of 5 of us may have broken our diet rules, but it was worth it  for the sweet flavor and connection with an old friend!


15 July-6740

15 July-6061
In the months before our trip we studied the history of the city and especially the Liberty Bell. Finally the day came when we were standing in front of this memorial from the past. The boys had a hard time believing that this was really and truly “the real thing.”  Of course being young, they didn’t fully grasp how cool it was to be there. Zac was looking at this picture after we got home and asked, “Do you know what I was thinking here? I was just wishing I could get back to my reading.” :)

Driving into Philadelphia from the South gave us a great view of their fantastic skyline.  The city–its art, it’s buildings, it’s atmosphere–is so classy and beautiful. The architecture definitely has more of an European influence than Atlanta’s buildings.  I also really liked the city’s focus on international peace.15 July-6746

                   Our family spent the first couple hours in Philly                              touring the historic area.

15 July-6067

Then we were off to our real destination–Duane and Lucy’s house! Duane and Steve have been friends since way back when, and we got to know Lucy when she and Duane were dating. We always have great discussions when we’re together. They moved into the city several years before we moved to Atlanta and they care a lot about supporting and building their community. They have good input on urban living and on living well.

This was a special visit, too, since it was the first time we met their beautiful children Anya and Felix.

15 July-6709Friesen_Family-6200The next morning I photographed a documentary style session of Duane and Lucy and their family playing at the park [see it here]. We ended at a coffee shop where Steve and the boys met us for the rest of the day.

We meandered over the Ben Franklin Bridge on foot. The children were fascinated by the duck boats launching into the harbor below, and we adults got to talk some–not always easy with five children. :)


After a relaxing afternoon, we took a picnic to a quiet park where the kids had space to splash around in water. Again I noticed the history in the details of this place.  Even around a wading pool for children you could find statues of historical figures.  Duane also drove through downtown on our way back to their house to let us see a little more of their city.  It really was a place for happy sighs.


On our way out the next morning we ate brunch together at one of their coffee shops full of local flavor–a really nice way to end our time together.15 July-6715

Next up: Boston


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  1. Oh Christy…. I love reading about your trip. It sounds a lot like ours last summer. Your boys and their books? Wonderful! And your photos are fabulous, as always.

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