Summer Roadtrip: Pennsylvannia

After visiting Virginia, Philadelphia, Boston, and New York City, we headed off to spend some relaxing time in the country. Because we live far from both of our families, most of our trips are travels to see family.  It was really fun to have a couple of days this time to visit a few friends, too.

15 July-7331

Speaking of friends–a trip like this makes us realize how BLESSED we are with having hundreds of friends!!  There were so many people we would have loved to have seen while we were traveling, but we just couldn’t see everyone.  Living in a community where so many people have only a few friends and only a few family members who they can stay connected with is a good reminder of what a gift these friendships are to us. We might not get to see our friends as often as we wish, but having that network of friendship is so precious!

15 July-7355

During the years Steve was teaching we spent two summers at FBEP. We got to know Jason & Gloria and Phil & Jolene during the summers we studied there, and we always have such a great time together.  They have invited us several times to visit. Actually being in their homes seemed so natural, yet I wanted to pinch myself to be sure it was actually a reality.  Over the past few years Gloria and Jolene have been two prayer supporters who listen when I need to spill, who pray and offer advice.

15 July-7359

Lucinda spent a few weeks with us twice when I needed extra help, and we love her lots, too.

I did a mini photo shoot for Lucinda one day then we ate lunch together and caught up on each other’s life.

Lucinda’s family hosted us and gave us royal treatment!  We felt loved from the minute we stepped into the house even if it was so late at night that everyone was sleeping.  From little notes inside the door to a pitcher of water and cups in our room, there were sweet touches everywhere. When I tucked the boys into the cozy bed she had gotten ready for them, Ian smiled happily, “Mmmm, this is the life for me.”

15 July-7336-2
So many common parts of life for us growing up are rare and exciting for the boys. They were so excited about a campfire and roasting marshmallows.

15 July-7573

Those few days in Pennsylvania were so restful and we soaked up the quiet, the green, and acts of service poured out on us.

15 July-7393

We enjoyed evenings around campfires and talking late into the night, coffee, laughter, and watching our children become friends, too.

15 July-7666

15 July-7671

15 July-7610

One of the beautiful gifts of this trip was how our hosts were SO generous in planning meals that would accommodate the boys’ and my food intolerances. Looking at packing food for two weeks on the road looked daunting, but they made it so much easier!

15 July-7693-2

It’s beginning to seem really funny to me that I casually titled this series “Summer Road-trip:” as if it was something we do yearly when it’s actually a huge, monumental highlight for us. :)  This trip was such a gift to us and so encouraging to us personally and in our ministries here. 15 July-7684

After Pennyslvania we headed to Maryland for  a weekend with my family. But I’ll tell you about that in the next post.


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  1. Love continuing to read about your trip. This comment: “So many common parts of life for us growing up are rare and exciting for the boys” resonates with me. But I always remind myself that they are experiencing their own exciting common parts of life. And we have family close enough that they get plenty of taste of country. Plus, trips to Texas expose them to way more country then I ever grew up with. I’m grateful for the diversity and various experiences my kids are exposed too.

  2. Thanks so much for the photos! I lost all my pics from the last month (back up failed) and so I’m grateful for these!
    It was so wonderful to have you here!! I wish we could do it every summer! :)

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