Summer Road-trip: Maryland

Family are the people who know you best and the ones who are most familiar.

Maryland hasn’t been a part of our family’s history until Michelle and her family moved there a few years ago. Even when your gathering is not at the place where you grew up, being with family gives you the sense of being home.

15 July-7849-2

I grew up in a family of three girls who were great friends even as little girls. As we grew up we did everything together–playing, working, and homework were all done side by side as often as possible.   We got married and moved 22 hours of driving apart from each other, but when we got together we were shopping, working on projects, and talking, serving the latest great recipes we’d been enjoying, and hanging out late into the night.

Then suddenly there were babies and lots of them. At mealtimes adults would need to stand up to pass a serving dish over three little heads to the next adult . Between cutting food into bite sized pieces and cleaning up spilled drinks and feeding babies and stepping away to take care of a baby, there wasn’t much time for adult conversation. Sometimes we’d step back and just watch the blur of  motion–not that there was much time for pause. It was good. Crazy. but just full of amazing energy and really cute little people.

A few more years have passed and the children are growing up so much that weekends like this are such a breeze in comparison.  The older children play so well together and can handle their own plates. It’s just fun to sit and see all the life that has come from what was a small family.

While there is still a lot of action and noise, we grownups have time to sit around and talk again. But there are more layers now, and in the background of these conversations there are the happy sounds of children while in our circle babies toddle from one person to the next.

We’ll never again be that family of three little girls that made everyone smile or the three pre-teens who could seem shy on the outside but had a whole book of stories they were keeping inside.  We keep aging and reaching new stages in life.  Family dynamics will keep changing–giving us the opportunity to love the familiarity of what has been good and nudging us to keep growing.

family 3

We used to get to see family several times a year, but now these trips are more of a yearly treat. This year Michelle and her family hosted us all at their house in Maryland.

15 July-7701
Beth has a dry sense of humor and can have us belly laughing with only a few words.
15 July-7714-2
Cousins playing non-stop. They always have so much fun together. I’m so happy the boys can grow up knowing their cousins as some of their best friends.

15 July-7713


15 July-7715-2
Frisbee Football

15 July-7720-2

15 July-7721-2
Sweet Zara
15 July-7725
Thoughtful Chloe
15 July-7733-2
Just out of reach
15 July-7754
Grammie blew bubbles for the little ones to pop. I think she was expecting them to use fingers, not tongues.
15 July-7771
Post-game talks and catching a breath
15 July-7709
Backyard camping for the kids. Originally we had talked about camping for the weekend. With our troop of little ones, we decided it would be nicer to stay in a house with electricity and comfortable beds and toilets and showers. So we did, but almost all the children slept in this tent. They were making memories they’ll talk about for years.

The weather was so lovely and we got to spend the day Saturday at a lake. It was absolutely beautiful, happy, and relaxing.

One evening Michelle brought out sparklers for the children which they loved!

15 July-7791

15 July-7796

15 July-7799

So, WordPress  tells me I’ve used up all my space and I can’t upload anymore pictures. :( I’ll wrap this up for now.  We ended our roadtrip with a stop at my parents on the way home.  It was a perfect ending–a little more summer. A little more family.

15 July-7873

Then we left for home, so full of happy memories and ideas and words.


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  1. lovelovelove this!! I know exactly what feeling that is when the whole family is together. There is something special about getting together when you don’t live close to your family. Savor it, love it up, enjoy every second!

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