We’re Moving

Hello, Friends!

A few months ago WordPress blocked me from uploading pictures since I have uploaded the maximum amount of images allowed for a free WordPress blog.  (Whaaaaat?! I  know.)

So…we’re moving to a new website very soon!  I’ve been working on getting things set up, and I’ll be back soon to give you directions to our new home on the web.

Until then, love to all~



2 thoughts on “We’re Moving”

  1. Free has its limitations. Let me know how easy/difficult this move turns out to be. I have been contemplating the same because of the occasional bottom feeder ads…

    1. Yes, those ads were bothering me, too. :( I really don’t enjoy the backend work of blogs, but now that I’m getting to the point of publishing it’s no longer so painful. :) It’s easy to maintain–just takes a bit of wading to get it set up. I think you can buy templates on Etsy which would make it much easier to pop things into place, but I generally choose the harder route and do things myself. ha.

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