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Without a doubt my favorite times are when Steve and I get to be together–with our family, in a crowd, and when, especially when, it’s just us.

Imagine how excited we were when we opened an envelope at Christmas that held a voucher for a night’s stay at an Inn in Chatanooga!!  Not only that, it came with babysitting included. Obviously we have some very thoughtful and generous friends.

We looked forward to this little escape for a looooong time, and finally took off for our get away in March.  We headed out Sunday after church and lunch and were nearly half way to Chattanooga when the van started clanking and clunking as older vehicles sometimes do.  It got worse and worse until Steve couldn’t drive more than 40 mph.  After spending an hour at an auto parts store, Steve got one problem fixed but the bigger issue was still there.

Long story short–after completely losing power and sitting next to the interstate for a long while, we finally got a wrecker out and a ride home.  The mechanic we use is a man Steve has gotten to know through street feedings. He was sooo kind and drove us home.

14 March-2272

Five hours after we started out, we headed out again.  The best part about the fiasco is that even though it was disappointing to lose our day of relaxing in Chattanooga and to ride around with fumes from the first vehicle and no air conditioning  in the next, we were able to keep from getting annoyed at each other. =)

On to the good part.

14 March-2274

I always love seeing the mountains again!

14 March-2276

What a beautiful, welcome sight at the end of long afternoon!

14 March-2277

14 March-2283

We had such a nice stay here.  They served an amaaaaazing breakfast–eggs, biscuits and sausage gravy, bacon, piles of fresh berries, chocolate pastries, cinnamon rolls, fresh orange juice and delicious coffee.  Mmmm, so good!


14 March-2290

Chattanooga is a really nice city. There is plenty to do, but it is still small enough that you can easily find your way around.  There is a river running through the city and a beautiful, walking bridge that was built in the 1800’s.


14 March-2308


They have a great bicycle system where you can rent bikes for the day.  There are bicycle stations throughout the city and you can leave and get bicycles on your own time.  So great.  I wish Atlanta would adopt this idea.   It’s green, it’s fun, and it’s a great way to get exercise and to interact with people from the city.

14 March-2295


14 March-2296

We were able to leave our vehicle parked at the Inn all day and ride or walk through the beautiful city.  I was feeling great, and that whole day was pretty much bliss.


14 March-2318


We rode bikes, walked for awhile, sat on a bench and talked  a long while about how we were doing, our ideas for ministry, and I’m sure there was talk about history and logistics too since I was siting on a historic bridge next to a history lover .

14 March-2326

bnb6    14 March-2322

The weather was perfect. The sun warm. The breezes cool.

14 March-2301 14 March-2307

14 March-2350

14 March-2360

14 March-2352

Talking, biking, walking, resting, dreaming, people watching, loving. Sunshine, smiles, and good food.  Put these on repeat for a whole day and that sums up the wonderfulness.

14 March-2365

14 March-2346

We meandered through this inspiring restored warehouse just before leaving–such a gorgeous shopping mall.

14 March-2366

14 March-2367


14 March-2377

14 March-2379

Life gets busy and heavy sometimes. Time together away from responsibility is perfect for helping  us refocus, for refreshment, for a new energy for our marriage, our family, our ministry…just all of life.

I’m so thankful for this gift.


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  1. Okay, so I’m kind of getting caught up on reading your blog as you’ll notice. :) But I’m SO glad that you all had this little vacation- although the rough start had me inwardly groaning for you all!

    Also, your photography is so fabulous. Seriously, you could take photos for inns, B&B’s, and city tourist centers….your pictures are so alive and inviting. I admire your skill- such a gift! Thanks for sharing it here on your blog. I always enjoy your pictures and they somehow always seem to manage to brighten my soul. :)

    1. Thank you, Lydia. I love the words alive and inviting. I do so enjoy the gift God has given me, and I’m glad that it can bring joy to others!

  2. What an amazing time away! I’m sorry the initial getting away had some difficulties with the vehicle, but it sounds like God richly blessed the rest of your time together. :) The atmosphere, the getting away just the two of you, a charming town, energy to explore ~ it all sounds just so lovely! I’m so so happy for you ~ and thankful for the kind souls who gifted your night away and who watched your children… ♥

  3. I pretty much sat and stared at the pictures for awhile. My spirit is starved for gorgeous architecture and decor done well. I could send you a few pictures of overgrown, brambly fields and scrubby woods but in return, but I’m afraid they wouldn’t be equally rejuvenating. ;) So glad you had a little getaway. Thanks for my visual getaway tonight. :)

  4. The pictures are amazing. You are looking so beautiful, Christy! I am so glad that you got this little time away together….I am here trying not to be jealous. :)

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