A Few Good Things

14 April-2391

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:: Bear has lived with us for several months.  Finally Zachary painted Bear’s name on a sign giving him official ownership.

Here’s an advantage of living in a city: free pet services.  Pets for Life had a day where they offered free vaccinations.  We didn’t find out about it, but our neighbor took her dogs and signed them and Bear up to be neutered for free.

People from the organization drove to our house to pick up Bear then brought him back the next day after the operation.  You can’t ask for better service.  They also gave us info for a free dog training class.

We’ve been going to the classes once a week and learning so much!  I haven’t gotten to the point of enjoying Bear, but he is more tolerable. Yeah…I’m not exactly a dog person. I agreed to owning one because…well, pure mother love and all that. =)

Zachary has wanted a dog soooooo much for so long and loves Bear a lot.  The younger two boys can finally be around Bear a little since he’s learning at the classes not to jump.  The training really is amazing and I HIGHLY recommend it.

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:: I was tested for food allergies and found out I have whey, yogurt, egg white and egg yolk, and yeast intolerances.  I’ve cut the foods out of my diet for five days now.  I also just started fish oil to help with mineral absorption.  A few days in I saw a big improvement.  I have had three days in a row of waking up with energy which is tremendously exciting.

Monday morning I woke up, cooked baked oatmeal, and sliced fruit for the boys.  They weren’t downstairs, yet; so I put a table cloth on the table, set it and lit a candle.  It was SO exciting to me.  These are the little things I love doing to make the ordinary more special for my family and the things I almost never have energy to do.

The last few months have been hard with very little energy.  I so badly want to cook breakfast for them.  I know it’s healthier, they don’t get hungry until lunch, and their behavior and concentration are better, too, after eating a good breakfast.  Instead of me cooking breakfast, Zachary has been pouring cereal for all the boys.

It made me feel so good to be able to make them a good breakfast, and even make it look nice.  I had to take a picture to celebrate. =)

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:: This unoccupied land across the street from our house is perfect for adventures.  It’s pretty awesome that we live in a city, but have this spot of nature so close. It’s not like the country where they could roam free to their hearts’ content. I always need to be with them or watching from the window for safety reasons.

On Monday the boys collected their backpacks–which are really sleeping bag covers, their binoculars, microscope, a string, a canteen of water, sunglasses, a hair brush, a screwdriver and took off exploring.  We love our city life and the opportunities we have here, but also find it important to understand and love nature. I love to see them learning through play–touching, collecting, and building camaraderie.

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  1. I’m very excited that you are finding some progress in your health and pray these are keys that open up healing for you. I love the way God provides for us in the city. We have a little patch of trees on our half acre, a pretty big lot for the city but small by country standards! We also have a big parking lot across the street where they could safely ride their bikes when they were too small to ride on our street. Both signs of God’s care, like your vacant lot.

  2. It makes me so happy to know you’ve been feeling better. Praising the Lord with you, and praying it continues!! I LOVE seeing the pictures you take-whether it’s every day living, or scenery. You are one of the best photographers that I know!

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